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Pumpkin Patch Project

What is the Pumpkin Patch Project?

Pumpkin Patch Project is a community event where families help spread awareness for amblyopia and vision impairment in children by patching a pumpkin during October. While trick or treat can be so much fun, it can also be intimidating for children that have difficulty seeing things.

What is amblyopia?

Children with amblyopia have one eye that sees better than the other. They are required to patch their good eye or use vision-impairing eyedrops with the hope of making the not-so-good eye see better. While the child is patched, they often do not see well and have difficulty with peripheral vision as well as depth perception.

Here are some more facts about amblyopia:

  • Amblyopia affects approximately 3 out of every 100 children
  • If left untreated it can lead to permanent blindness
  • Occlusion therapy by patching or vision-impairing eye drops are the most effective form of treatment
  • Early detection is key to developing normal vision

How can I help?

Parents can help spread awareness by patching one of the eyes of their jack-o'-lanterns. Parents can then place that pumpkin on their porch so trick or treaters with amblyopia and other types of low vision will recognize your home as a “scary free zone.”

Please avoid jumping out or surprising these little ones. You can also assist them by making sure your porch is well lit.

You can also download and print these resources:

Where can I get eye patches?

You can use our Nomination Form to request sample patches.

Message us on Facebook with any questions and share this info with you friends, families, and eyecare professionals.

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